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New Star Trek “Lost” Tapes 09.02.17

Trek FilmFinally! I have acquired new, previously unreleased cuts of Star Trek – The Next Generation episodes. I intend to release them gradually, just as I did for the previous tapes I got. First video uploaded: Angel One, from season 1.

You’ll once again be able to enjoy some of your favorite episodes in a new way, such as seeing a crane supporting the Enterprise as it “moves” through “space”, hearing the computer talk with a strange off-screen male voice or staring at the crew while they’re fixing a blue screen ;-).

Click here to see the full video. For additional analysis of this episode, you can always visit the site of my friends at Trek Core.

Media Center Themer 1.51 27.09.15

For those of you who now enjoy Windows 10 but still need Media Center in their lives (unfortunately, there’s still no real alternative to this excellent piece of software), Media Center Themer has been updated to support it.

Important: Media Center is not officially supported by Microsoft in Windows 10, you’ll have to get it in non-official places such as this one. Once it is installed, get Media Center Themer 1.51 here and install it as usual.

Star Trek Tapes – Update 18.02.15

All 7 tapes of preliminary cuts of Star Trek TNG episodes are back online, including Cut 4 of Sins of the Father that I apparently forgot to publish after I sent it to Trek Core some time ago. If YouTube doesn’t allow the video to be played in your country, just contact me and I’ll send you a direct download link. To watch the videos now, visit The Recovered Tapes pages.

Devil’s Due – Cut 6 09.01.15

Devil's Due TapeIt’s been a while since the last release but finally, here is the last of my Star Trek TNG tapes. It is pre-final cut of Devil’s Due, an episode of season 4. It’s 44 minutes long and it contains some extra material compared to the public version of the episode. It’s fun to watch if you enjoy seeing how this kind of TV episodes are made by the studios. It doesn’t have music, sound effects, some scenes are not finished yet, etc…

Click here to see the full video. For more information about the additional scenes, visit the site of my friends at Trek Core.

NB-Retention 1.30 02.01.14

Happy New Year!

Let’s start 2014 with a software update: NB-Retention 1.30 for NovaBackup has been released and along with it, support for NovaBackup 14 and 15. This software can be used to apply various retention policies on your backup sets. That’s it for now :-).

New Year 2014

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