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Evangelion: 1.01 coming to DVD

It’s about time,the first of the new Evangelion movies is coming to DVD in North America. Funimation even offers an 8 minutes preview of the beginning of the film. Their web sites mentions “1.01”, which means we probably won’t be enjoying the improved version labelled 1.11 in Japan. In any case, this is highly recommended to any anime fan, especially if you enjoyed the original series. Personally, I will wait for the 4 movies to be released in a boxset, probably in their latest released version, before buying any of those. Let’s hope Fantasia will be presenting 2.0 next summer. This kind of thing is really much more enjoyable on a big screen (and in its original Japanese version :-) ).

Evangelion 1.0 - You are (not) alone

Here’s an excerpt of what Hideaki Anno had to say about the new movies in 2007. The complete text is available on Funimation’s web site, although not properly credited:

The visual work called Evangelion is composed of a variety of desires.

The desire to put our own honest feelings on film.
The desire to convey to as many people as possible the fundamental
appeal of touching primitive emotions and how versatile the medium
of animation is in its expression and images that it is capable of realizing.
The desire to take the exhausted animation of Japan and carry it into the future.
The desire to shatter the spreading sense of helplessness.
The desire to carry on the strength of spirit that lives on in the real world.

The desire to realize these desires once again.

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