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The Messenger Plus! Story

Messenger Plus!

One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog in the first place was to write about my past projects. Among these projects, one in particular stands out: Messenger Plus!. Most of the people who now know me online found my name through this software and since its creation in 2001, so many things happened… I think it was worth spending some time reflecting on this and writing about the experience.

The Projects section of this site now includes the finalised essay I wrote about my experience with the software and its community of people. If you’re interested or have some time to kill, you can now go ahead and read it.

5 Responses to “The Messenger Plus! Story”

  1. Guido says:

    Beautiful article :)

    Thanks for letting me and the rest of the ‘elite-ish’ community of Messenger Plus! share these wonderful years with you and this little/huge project.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Patch!

  2. Omar says:

    Hahaha…. Thats the “Beta testers postcard” i refused to sign… such memories.

    It’s been a good ride, for Plus! i met my wife… I cannot complain.


  3. Mathieu M-Gosselin says:

    Excellent read! I will recommend it :) Thanks to you too for everything you’ve done!

  4. Mom says:

    Thanks you for the messenger plus this is verry nice .
    I am happy with messenger plus .

    Have a goed time .

  5. Brendan Bolen says:

    Good times! Loved the story, I remember making up our names for that tester wallpaper, it was lots of fun working with everyone. And yea, who knew butterflies would be created from this community, that was a trip! Cheers Patchou and good luck with everything!


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