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5 Responses to “Random pic of the day”

  1. Mathieu M-Gosselin says:

    I know Randall allows hotlinking, but give credit where credit is due :P

    You get the tooltip as a bonus :)

    Still very true/funny, sadly.

  2. Menthix says:

    “Tags: Joke”

    You think this is a joke? The internet = Serious business!! :o

  3. Patchou says:

    Thanks Mathieu, I didn’t have the source for this one. MenthiX: Don’t you think this picture sums up pretty much the last 8 years of our lives?

  4. Menthix says:

    True, true :).

  5. CookieRevised says:

    I LOLed… then I went: “wait a minute… euhhhmm… :(

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