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Flashback: Final Fantasy Concert in 2004

Spring is here! Among other things, this means it’s time to do some house cleaning and in my case, I decided it was time to re-organize my documents, photos, backups and the remaining 297,106 files of D:\ into something more useful. While doing just that, I stumbled upon an article I wrote many years ago for, a french web site dedicated to Final Fantasy games. Now that I have this personal blog site, I think I have a nice opportunity to post the article again. The text is about the first official Final Fantasy concert ever presented outside of Japan, during the E3 of 2004. It’s all written in french but it has some pictures ;).

Read “Concert de Final Fantasy à Los Angeles, 2004” (french).

One Response to “Flashback: Final Fantasy Concert in 2004”

  1. Mathieu M-Gosselin says:

    I just took the time to read through the article! Now I can’t wait for the 30th! In the meantime, I’m off to listen to The Black Mages! ;)

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