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PlayStation 2 games improved

Following the great experience I’ve had yesterday at Video Games Live (if they go in your city, get a ticket!), I thought I could take some time this weekend to play old PS2 games I never could finish before (like the latest Wild Arms). Unfortunately, my old PlayStation 2 decided she had done enough for me over the years and now refuses to recognize any of my games. As Sony didn’t think it was worth their time to implement the backward compatibility they always promoted as being essential in the PS3 (sight), I found myself wondering if somebody had finally managed to emulate the PlayStation on a computer.

To my great surprise, PCSX2 is exactly that: an excellent PlayStation 2 emulator. So far, it as worked perfectly with all my games, full screen, full FPS, with an incredible boost of visual quality compared to the original PS2. You can even plug your PS3 gamepad on a USB port, enable 5.1 sound and get a complete experience, right on your computer.

I highly recommend any game enthusiast to give this emulator a try. It was set-up on my system in less than an hour, it’s easy to use and, in my own experience, it simply just works. Here are 2 screenshots taken in Final Fantasy XII, one showing what the game looks like on a real PS2, and one showing the game running with hardware acceleration on my computer in Windows. If you maximize those screenshots on your screen, you’ll see what I’m talking about in regard to quality.

FF-XII - As seen on a PlayStation 2

FF-XII - Emulated with hardware acceleration

One Response to “PlayStation 2 games improved”

  1. DraggyDragon says:

    WQW…the difference in graphics quality is mind boggling. Almost no point for a PS2 any more…

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