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Released: Media Center Themer 1.20

A new version of Media Center Themer has been released! you can download it now on this page.

With version 1.20, you don’t need any other program anymore. Everything, from pictures, to text to more advanced windows structure changes can now be done in Media Center using a single tool. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that the background picture was replaced, the music library thumbnail was modified, the text color was changed from white to dark blue, and the UI was modified to display the complete date in the top right corner, including day of the week. This sample was created in a couple of minutes, it’s now up to you to customize your own Media Center interface any way you want!

What’s new in Media Center Themer 1.20? (download)

  • Added new <Resources> element in the schema file.
  • The pictures used by Media Center can now be replaced.
  • Advanced users can now modify the user-interface structure files (MCML) of Media Center.
  • A new “LogResources” registry setting now allows for automatic extraction of pictures and user-interface resources.
  • Fixed: the uninstaller displays an error if user-created files still exist.
  • The documentation has been updated to include information on the new resource replacement features.

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