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So you want to know about me?patchou_osakapic

Most people know me for the instant messaging add-on I created in 2001: Messenger Plus!. Several years ago, my graphic designer added a “by Patchou” subtitle in one of the logos which is why this name became almost as known as “Messenger Plus!” itself to some people. “Patchou” is essentially the nickname that I have been using since I started going on the internet, my real name being Cyril Paciullo. It is also with this nickname that I sign most of my projects, such as Messenger Plus!, which I designed and developed for 8 years, up to 2009, when the switch to “Yuna Software” was completed.

I was born in France and I now live my life in Canada. English is not my primary language but like most people nowadays, I prefer using it as its widely understood by a majority of internet users (at the very least, it is better understood than French :-p ). In the past few years, I’ve spent most of my time writing code for Messenger Plus! and managing all aspects of the project in collaboration with some great people who’ve given a lot of their own time to maintain its success. In case you’d be wondering, the cute girl on the right side of this text is Osaka, a character from one of the best anime series of all time called Azumanga Daioh. I’m very much into Japanese culture and like many software developers, I’ve seen every Star Trek episode at least 3 times.

Although I love my job very much, the one thing that tends to bug me is the amount of false information spread over the years about my products or myself. We often hear about not believing everything we read and I can tell you that working on Messenger Plus! made that very clear to me. If a blatant lie gets on a web site and starts being copied over and over again, it can rapidly become a universally accepted truth. Facts don’t matter anymore and instead of verifying what’s behind the story (which, in the case of a software like Plus!, can be summed-up in installing it), many people will just refer one of the many sites that referred to another site that referred to another site so they just “can’t be wrong”. Never accept anything you read for a fact, always keep a little question mark in the back of your head and whenever possible, check the story for yourself, especially if you plan on talking about it afterwards. The web is full of stories like this and most of them are perpetuated by people who read a post on their favourite news site/forum, repeat it in their own name, with their own words, and give the impression (voluntarily or not) that they are part of the references supporting the story.

Keep your minds open and thank you for reading this little presentation of myself. I hope you’ll find what you were searching for on this site :) .

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