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Charlot: 2001-2011

Mon plus vieux compagnon de route, Charlot, est décédé ce 13 Juillet 2011, aux environs de 19H.

Merci pour tout mon chat.

Flashback: Final Fantasy Concert in 2004

Spring is here! Among other things, this means it’s time to do some house cleaning and in my case, I decided it was time to re-organize my documents, photos, backups and the remaining 297,106 files of D:\ into something more useful. While doing just that, I stumbled upon an article I wrote many years ago for, a french web site dedicated to Final Fantasy games. Now that I have this personal blog site, I think I have a nice opportunity to post the article again. The text is about the first official Final Fantasy concert ever presented outside of Japan, during the E3 of 2004. It’s all written in french but it has some pictures ;).

Read “Concert de Final Fantasy à Los Angeles, 2004” (french).

All good things…

My days with Messenger Plus! are now officially over. The Messenger Plus! Story article has been updated to close this chapter of my professional life.

Nothing lasts for ever, I’m glad I was there to witness Messenger Plus! reach so many people at its peak. The future of the software is now completely out of my control, I wish the new owners good luck with everything. My little Amélie is growing up, she’s two month old now and she needs all the time I can give her. For that reason, I’ll only be concentrating on small-scale projects this year (like Eorzea’s Guide). As usual, I have a lot of ideas for new projects/software and I hope I’ll have an opportunity to share some of them with you. Even if our meetings won’t be called “Messenger Plus! Meetings” anymore, there’s no reason why we couldn’t organize something like that this year, to share our memories and have some good old geek fun :-).

Whatever happens, don’t hesitate to contact me again via email or one of the many usual social networks. A good friend of mine from the community recently told me “don’t be a stranger” :  I certainly have no intention to be one, all the opposite :-).

Life in the office

Now that the office of Kimahri Software is up and running in Montreal, I can show you a graphical representation of what life is about to be in there (courtesey of my friend wtbw) :

Hello kitty

Sometimes in life, you have to choose what you want to do. I’m not posting much these days as I need to focus on Final Fantasy XIII (little inside joke here). This activity requires a lot of concentration; after all, gaming is a serious business. While I’m hard at work, here is a picture of my cat Charlot. Why this picture? simply because I just saw it in a slideshow and I loved it :-).

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