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I just got a PS3

Final Fantasy XIII is almost out, it was time for me to get a PlayStation 3. Yes, I know it will be out on Xbox too but no, I won’t take the chance of getting a degraded experience. Everything is now plugged in, with my original PS2 cables (kudos to Sony for sticking to their own standards), and it’s ready to rock&roll.

I have to admit the system is very well made. The hardware is sleek and the user interface is very extensive. I think I still prefer the organisation of the new Xbox interface (looks more “entertaining”) but still, the PlayStation 3 has lots of options and can do a lot of stuff. I spent half an hour in their virtual world “Hom” and except for the never ending “downloading” and “loading” breaks, the idea is pretty cool. Now, all I need for some serious time wasting is the new FF. In the meantime, I’ll just have to finish KH Chain of Memories :-).

Avatar Night

My girlfriend and I went to see Avatar for a second time at the cinema. We reserved seats for the IMAX 3D this time and it was worth every penny. As you probably have heard already, Avatar is definitively worth the price of its ticket. The world that was created for this movie is amazing, the story is simple yet very well told, and you can’t help but trace some parallels with the world we live in.

Highly recommended for anybody interested in sci-fi (and mean bad guys who don’t need oxygen).

The Messenger Plus! Story

Messenger Plus!

One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog in the first place was to write about my past projects. Among these projects, one in particular stands out: Messenger Plus!. Most of the people who now know me online found my name through this software and since its creation in 2001, so many things happened… I think it was worth spending some time reflecting on this and writing about the experience.

The Projects section of this site now includes the finalised essay I wrote about my experience with the software and its community of people. If you’re interested or have some time to kill, you can now go ahead and read it.

Star Wars: In Concert

Star Wars: In ConcertTonight, I’ll have the pleasure to go see the geeky concert of the year in Montreal: Star Wars at the Bell Centre. It is supposed to be a show with live musicians playing the best music taken from the 6 movies, with giant screens and lighting effects. John Williams himself worked on this project along with Lucasfilm. The show is still touring in North America so if you’re a fan of Star Wars, you should check out their future dates.

It’s nice to see that the Final Fantasy concerts organised in Los Angeles by Square Enix a couple of years ago paved the way to more musical shows of this kind. Let’s hope this trend will continue :-) .

My new web site is ready!

Thanks to WordPress, my new web site has been set-up in no time. The old is no more, I am now working on a brand new blog/home page for myself. Work in progress, to be continued… :-)

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