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Media Center Themer 1.50

A new version of Media Center Themer has been released to add compatibility with Windows 8.1.

You can download it on the usual page: Media Center Themer 1.50.

Evolution – Director’s Cut

Almost a month since the last release, here is yet another Star Trek TNG tape. It is a Director’s Cut of Evolution, the first episode of season 3. It’s 52 minutes long and contains lots of extra material compared to the public version of the episode (good and bad scenes alike). It’s really a must see for any trekkie out there and for others who would like to learn more about how TV episodes are processed and assembled.

Click here to see the full video. For more information about the additional scenes, visit the first review that my friends at Trek Core have released. A second one will soon be posted to review the other scenes that were not covered in the first article.

The Bonding – Cut 4

Here it is! the new Star Trek TNG tape. This time, it’s a special cut of The Bonding, with an additional 6 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Click here to see the full video. For more information about the additional scenes, visit the excellent review at Trek Core.

The Child – 1st Cut, two tapes

After almost a week of intense rendering, here are two new tapes from my Star Trek collection. They contain two versions of the episode The Child from season 2.

Click here to see the full videos. For more information about the additional scenes, visit Trek Core.

Star Trek Recovered Tapes – The Wounded

After the positive feedback I received following the first release the The Wounded – Peter’s cut, I decided to digitize the other tapes I own. With some luck, on the 9 tapes I got, we’ll find two or three other worthwhile preliminary versions of some TNG episodes, with additional scenes to enjoy.

But before I start publishing lots of VHS videos, I wanted to ensure that the quality was at its best. I spent a couple of days trying many things and I’m finally happy with the final result. These are still videos coming out from old analog tapes but at least, the picture and the audio have been improved to the best of my abilities. My computer takes a couple of days rendering the final result, per tape, you should expect one video released every week or so from now on. I’ll work with Trekcore for proper analysis of the content.

For starters, I’ve re-published The Wounded, remastered and better looking that the video from last week. Check it out now on this page. Once again, these videos are for trekkies only, or at the very least, for people who enjoy movie-making. Below, you can see a before/after screenshot along with a picture of what my office looked like after 4 days sitting down, fiddling with hardware and filters in After Effects, with the S-VHS tape player plugged directly on my acquisition card inside the computer :-).


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