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Here we go again

It’s a shame we have to do this again but those past few months, we’ve seen an important rise of internet censorship projects all around the world. For some reason, governments everywhere are getting scared of this excellent communication tool and want to put a leash to its very nature. In order to protest against the proposed Bill C-38, I will shutdown this server and the dozen associated web sites it hosts on June 4th. If you’re a Canadian webmaster, please join the 13,000+ of us and do the same. Thank you.

This site will shutdown tomorrow

This site,, along with the 16 other web sites I’m hosting on the same server will shutdown for a day, on Wednesday 18th, January 2012. Downloads will be down as well. This is done as an effort against SOPA, PIPA and any other future similar US bills that threatens our cyber-way-of-life. Wikipedia, Reddit, Minecraft and many other big names are doing the same. If you have a presence on the web, we encourage you to join the blackout.

For more information, check news posts such as the one on Neowin.

Laughing Baby

This one’s mine :-).

Sucker Punch is fantastic!

I just saw Suck Punch at the cinema and I have to say I was impressed. I understand why critics were so hard on this movie: it’s not something you usually see in general public venues you need to keep an open mind to enjoy this kind story. Music was superb and the mood of the movie was set from the first minutes to the very end of the credits, almost 2 hours later. Kudos to Zack Snyder for bringing this movie to us. It’s the kind of enjoyment I generally don’t expect to get outside of the yearly Fantasia festival :-).

Leslie Nielsen R.I.P.

Two days ago, Leslie Nielsen died from complications of pneumonia.

Rest in Peace.

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