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Sweet Doughnuts has a new home! This blog along with all the other sites and services that I host on this server are now on a new server. More memory, more disk space, more speed, latest version of everything and Windows Server 2012. Between that and my new exceptional BlackBerry Q10, you could say that my life is pretty much complete (that + my wife & my 2 girls of course). If you’re searching for a hosting company, I recommend Soft Layer: great price and great service.

AMA on Reddit, March 15th

Microsoft recently announced that they’re about to pull the plug on Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger. After maintaining this software for almost 14 years, it’s safe to say Microsoft can call it a success. Even if nowadays, most people use other forms of communication, “MSN” will be remembered by many as the cornerstone of our early internet social life.


To celebrate this day and at the request of several old time users/friends, I’ll be hosting an AMA on Reddit on March 15th 2013, starting at 11am (Eastern Time). I’ll be happy to answer your questions about my previous involvement with Messenger Plus! as well as about anything else you want to talk about (recent projects, fast diaper changing, etc…). Until then, enjoy your very last chat sessions on Messenger :-).

Transfer from GoDaddy

Following the recent stand from GoDaddy on the trash that is SOPA, I have decided, like many others, to transfer all my domain names to a registrar that won’t work against my interests. If you currently have domain names with GoDaddy and are against censorshop on the internet, I recommend you do the same.

If you don’t know what SOPA is and you don’t feel like spending more than 3 minutes on the subject, watch this video.

Is Google Chrome the new IE6?

Here’s an interesting article I found on Neowin today:

Chrome can do things that no other browser can do, and Google now targets Chrome exclusively, meaning some Google sites only function fully when viewed in Chrome. Even today, you can read on the Google blog about some new Angry Birds levels that only work in Chrome. This is disturbing, when you consider that Google has made a lot of hay about the openness of the Web.

To read more:,2817,2397158,00.asp

Wi-Fi wisdom

While searching for technical information regarding 802.11n networks, I found this good piece of advice.

The Three Rules of Wireless Networking (source):

  1. It never goes as fast as they say it does
  2. It never goes as far as they say it does
  3. It never sets up as easily as they say it does
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