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Star Trek Recovered Tapes – The Wounded 15.03.13

After the positive feedback I received following the first release the The Wounded – Peter’s cut, I decided to digitize the other tapes I own. With some luck, on the 9 tapes I got, we’ll find two or three other worthwhile preliminary versions of some TNG episodes, with additional scenes to enjoy.

But before I start publishing lots of VHS videos, I wanted to ensure that the quality was at its best. I spent a couple of days trying many things and I’m finally happy with the final result. These are still videos coming out from old analog tapes but at least, the picture and the audio have been improved to the best of my abilities. My computer takes a couple of days rendering the final result, per tape, you should expect one video released every week or so from now on. I’ll work with Trekcore for proper analysis of the content.

For starters, I’ve re-published The Wounded, remastered and better looking that the video from last week. Check it out now on this page. Once again, these videos are for trekkies only, or at the very least, for people who enjoy movie-making. Below, you can see a before/after screenshot along with a picture of what my office looked like after 4 days sitting down, fiddling with hardware and filters in After Effects, with the S-VHS tape player plugged directly on my acquisition card inside the computer :-).


I’m on Reddit! 15.03.13

Today is Reddit AMA day.
Ask my anything today on Reddit.

Star Trek, preliminary cut of TNG episodes 08.03.13

Less than 3 years ago, I got a couple of video tapes in a special Star Trek auction that I was participating in. They contain preliminary cuts of several episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation.

These tapes are interesting for die-hard fans of TNG only (such as myself) and if you’re one of them, you may enjoy seeing how these episodes are done (along with a couple minutes of extra footage not seen on TV). For that reason, I just uploaded a digitized version of the first tape which is an episode from season 4 called The Wounded. If you’re interested, go to the new Star Trek page of this site.

Posted this on Reddit.

Edit: TrekCore has now published an entire article about this first video :).

AMA on Reddit, March 15th 11.02.13

Microsoft recently announced that they’re about to pull the plug on Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger. After maintaining this software for almost 14 years, it’s safe to say Microsoft can call it a success. Even if nowadays, most people use other forms of communication, “MSN” will be remembered by many as the cornerstone of our early internet social life.


To celebrate this day and at the request of several old time users/friends, I’ll be hosting an AMA on Reddit on March 15th 2013, starting at 11am (Eastern Time). I’ll be happy to answer your questions about my previous involvement with Messenger Plus! as well as about anything else you want to talk about (recent projects, fast diaper changing, etc…). Until then, enjoy your very last chat sessions on Messenger :-).

C’est la vie 24.10.12

J’écoute un CD symphonique des musiques de Zelda et je me rend compte, en l’écoutant, que la musique me rend extrèmement nostalgique, voir triste. Je pense qu’en vieillissant, je me rend compte a quel point j’étais dans ma bulle, entouré d’amis incroyables et d’une famille toujours motivante. Dans mon monde, je me pensai vraiment héro d’Hyrule, pourfendant les monstres et sauvant toujours la princesse, acclamé par le village à mon retour.

C’est seulement avec beaucoup de recul et en cherchant pourquoi j’avais eu autant de chance dans ma vie que tout ceci est devenu clair. Aidez les gens qui vous entourent quand vous en avez l’occasion, et ne cherchez pas le mal ou il n’y en a pas. C’est une des rares choses que je compte vraiment inculquer a mes merveilleuses petites filles. Maintenant que je suis fiancé avec ma propre princesse, avec deux succésseurs au royaume, il ne me reste plus qu’a trouver le temps de revivre la gloire passée, reprendre mon épé, et repartir a la conquête des plaines d’un monde lointain. Plus qu’a attendre qu’un papillon se pointe a me fenêtre.

Merci a tous d’avoir fait de ma vie ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui.

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