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Media Center Themer 1.45 18.09.12

It’s been a while but a new version of Media Center Themer has finally been released. It’s now compatible with the final version of Windows 8. You can get Media Center Themer 1.45 here.

If you’re already running Windows 8 Pro RTM and want to give Media Center a try, check out this page.

New baby girl 04.09.12

My lack of recent updates has been caused by two things: first, I’m spending a lot of my time on my personal home automation project, which is finally producing nice results. Secondly, I’ve had the pleasure to welcome my second baby girl into this world, here she is on a recent photo. Next step: updating Media Center Themer!

Here we go again 27.05.12

It’s a shame we have to do this again but those past few months, we’ve seen an important rise of internet censorship projects all around the world. For some reason, governments everywhere are getting scared of this excellent communication tool and want to put a leash to its very nature. In order to protest against the proposed Bill C-38, I will shutdown this server and the dozen associated web sites it hosts on June 4th. If you’re a Canadian webmaster, please join the 13,000+ of us and do the same. Thank you.

Media Center Themer / NB-Retention Updates 08.05.12

Once again, both Media Center Themer and NB-Retention for NovaBackup have both been updated. You can download the new versions now, a change log is included in each of the packages.

Program updates! 18.04.12

After a long day, I have completed and released new versions of NB-Retention (1.10) and Media Center Themer (1.43). You’ll find them in the usual download pages.

That’s it for today :)

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