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IRC… those three letters sum-up the large part of my last years living as a teenager in France. At that time, I was learning C/C++ and I was spending a lot (too much) time on IRC channel. For that reason, one of the first real programs I developed was a software for IRC, a little program called IRC Log Viewer. The goal was simple: process raw log files from mIRC and Pirch and display their content in their full glory, with proper formatting and colors.

Although the main idea was basic, I spent two years working part time on this software, from 1998 to 2000, learning each step of the way. I even used the program to practice English as I was learning in at school, making version 4.00 my first bilingual project. Reading today what I wrote myself 10 years ago is kinda scary but well, I had to start somewhere I guess :) . The software was created in Visual C++ and used a dialog based UI. It was distributed for free and I actually wonder if some people still use it today (if you do, tell me!).

While creating this page, I wondered if the software would still be working in my current Windows 7 x64 setup and to my surprise: it does! the old setup fails (InstallShield…) but the program itself seems to work fine except for one error displayed during the initial start-up wizard. If you’re curious, feel free to download it from the link below. I’ll just ask you to forgive my 17 year old English writing and to keep in mind the software has not been tested properly since the year 2000.

Download IRC Log Viewer 4.53

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