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NovaBackup Retention

The NB-Retention tool applies retention policies to backup sets created by NovaBackup (version 11 and above). The only tool I found for this kind of thing in the past was NS_Cleaner and unfortunately, I think it’s not adapted to most people’s needs, including mine. NovaBackup Retention uses catalog files to determine what backup sets can be deleted without affecting “incremental chains”. If a Full backup is needed by an Incremental or a Differential backup, it is kept until all related backup-sets are marked for deletion. Retention policies can be specified by count or time span, a lot of different options and parameters are available.

Download NB-Retention 1.30 (released December 17th 2013)

Examples of how to use NB-Retention:

Display volumes to prune after 14 days: NB-Retention /R /T:14d
Delete old volumes and keep the last 3: NB-Retention /W /K:3
Delete incrementals older than a month: NB-Retention /RW /T:1m /I

How to use NB-Retention?

All you need to run this program is .NET 3.5. The program is a console application so it’s suitable for automatic execution at the beginning/end of backup jobs, or with the Windows Scheduler (which is what I chose for my own systems). The built-in read mode is designed specifically to test the program without risking altering the catalog of the backup sets in any way so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

To get a list of all the options available, including information about each of them, simply run the software with /?.

As always, feedback and comments are always welcomed, good or bad. For faster support, please visit Novastor’s forum.

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