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Eorzea’s Guide for BlackBerry 2.0

RIM has finally approved version 2.0 of Eorzea’s Guide, the Final Fantasy XIV app for BlackBerry. All the recipes have been refreshed for the latest version of FF14 and more have been added for a grand total of 2,187.


New version of Eorzea’s Guide

Following the massive changes done to the Final Fantasy XIV crafting systen, Eorzea’s Guide has been updated to version 1.6.0. All the recipes have been updated and more are now available (1,500+). Get it now on your BlackBerry in App World, free of charge.

Eorzea’s Guide for Blackberry 1.5.0

Eorzea’s Guide, the BlackBerry app for Final Fantasy XIV adventurers, has been updated to version 1.5.0 in App World. Here is the change log:

  • The software is now compatible with BB OS 7 devices such as the Bold 9900.
  • Many screens have been updated for newer high resolution devices.
  • The world’s current time has been adjusted for better accuracy.
  • Fixed: after some time, recent news post may not be displayed properly.

For more information about this application, click here.

Wake Me Up, Scotty!

Today, I decided it was time I add a proper Wake-On-Lan app on my new BlackBerry 9900. Unfortunately, none seem to exist in App World with support of a domain name instead of an IP so I had to create it myself (like most people, my IP is not static). Here’s the result of a day’s work. It may look strange but at least, I’m glad Scotty is there to help with the WOL command. With him, I’m sure it will never fail!

If you’re interested in getting this app, just send me a message, I doubt I’ll put it in the official repository anytime soon ;-).

Eorzea’s Guide for Blackberry 1.4.0

A new version of Eorze’as Guide has been released and is now available worlwide in the BlackBerry’s app store! Various improvements and updated recipes (1,305 genuine entries from the Lodestone) are part of the 1.4 update, as well as a brand new German translation. If you own a BlackBerry and play Final Fantasy XIV, give it a try now, it’s free!

For more information and screenshots, visit the page dedicated to Eorzea’s Guide on this web site (yup, page browsing is free as well, fantastic isn’t it?).

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