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Hello kitty

Sometimes in life, you have to choose what you want to do. I’m not posting much these days as I need to¬†focus on Final Fantasy XIII (little inside joke here). This activity requires a lot of concentration; after all,¬†gaming is a serious business. While I’m hard at work, here is a picture of my cat Charlot. Why this picture? simply because I just saw it in a slideshow and I loved it :-).

Wet kitty pictures

Cat pictures tend to be popular on the web and I found a good one today while searching for something else. If you want to smile, check this page out.

My cats :-)

Yep, I’m one of those guys: I love cats. I’d buy the entire pet shop if only I had the room and time to take care of all those animals. Here are my two tiggers:


Born in 2001, this is one big fat cat. He’s either very bright, or very stupid, I’m still not sure. He spends his time trying to be alone and thinking of a way to take over the world. From one meal to the next, he lives his life trying to do the strict minimum, although he knows how to become interesting when his stomach wakes up. Update: Charlot died during the evening of July 13th 2011. You will be sorely missed.


Named after the famous Inca emperor (the one with the llamas) and borned in 2002, he’s scared of his own shadow and still thinks he’s a kitten. He still tries (and fails) to befriend Charlot and thinks the hamster’s dome is his own personal interactive TV.


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