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This site will shutdown tomorrow

This site,, along with the 16 other web sites I’m hosting on the same server will shutdown for a day, on Wednesday 18th, January 2012. Downloads will be down as well. This is done as an effort against SOPA, PIPA and any other future similar US bills that threatens our cyber-way-of-life. Wikipedia, Reddit, Minecraft and many other big names are doing the same. If you have a presence on the web, we encourage you to join the blackout.

For more information, check news posts such as the one on Neowin.

Transfer from GoDaddy

Following the recent stand from GoDaddy on the trash that is SOPA, I have decided, like many others, to transfer all my domain names to a registrar that won’t work against my interests. If you currently have domain names with GoDaddy and are against censorshop on the internet, I recommend you do the same.

If you don’t know what SOPA is and you don’t feel like spending more than 3 minutes on the subject, watch this video.

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