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Star Trek – The Recovered Tapes

On these pages, you’ll find a couple of tapes that are part of my private Star Trek collection.

These are Star Trek, The Next Generation episodes. Some of them are preliminary cuts, some are simply archive tapes from the original production, recorded while the episode was being finalized. In any case, if you’re a fan of Star Trek, you may find those of interest. To my knowledge, this content is simply not available anywhere else. I have worked on those tapes as much as possible to provide the best video and audio that I could extract from some 20+ years old VHS. They still look old but let’s say it’s part of the experience.


Here are the videos I uploaded from tapes I acquired in 2013.

First tape: The Wounded – Peter’s Cut

Second and third tape: The Child – 1st Cut and Later Cut

Fourth tape: The Bonding – Cut 4

Fifth tape: Evolution – Director’s Cut

Sixth tape: Devil’s Due – Cut 6

Seventh tape: Sins of the Father – Cut 4


Here are the videos I uploaded from tapes I acquired in 2016.

Eighth tape: Angel One – Rough Cut

Ninth tape: Haven – Rough Cut

Tenth tape: The Battle – Rough Cut

Eleventh tape: Hide and Q – Rough Cut

Twelfth tape: The Big Goodbye – Rough Cut

Thirteenth tape: The Last Outpost – Rough Cut

Fourteenth tape: When the Bough Breaks – Rough Cut

Fifteenth tape: Heart of Glory – Rough Cut

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