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The Wounded – Peter’s Cut

This tape is part of my private collection and I’m happy to share it here. It was won in a special Star Trek auction.

This is a Star Trek TNG episode, from Season 4. It is called The Wounded and was first aired in 1991. What makes this video special is that it’s a non-public, preliminary cut of the episode. It lacks music and special effects, the voice-over is not done, you can sometimes hear the crew in the background, etc… it is also about 3 and half minutes longer than the broadcasted version of the episode, with longer and different scenes.

The tape is labeled “Peter’s Cut 11-26-90” and was 20+ years old when it was digitized. I got the best VCR I could find on eBay and recorded the video as the highest bitrate possible. I then remastered the audio & video to improve the overall quality without damaging/modifying the original content. Of course, the source material is still an old VHS, which has half the resolution of a DVD at its best, so don’t expect anything close to the new hi-res BD releases. In fact, expect just the opposite. If you’re a real trekkie, I’m just sure you’ll just want to see this special version of a TNG episode.


To get access to this video, please use the Contact Me link at the bottom of this page.


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